Mathématiques en anglais pour les sections européennes de lycée

Eliciting information,
accepting/rejecting/modifying answers

Have you heard of…

Have you seen…

Have you used…

What’s the answer to question number…

Has anyone found something different?

Do you all agree with him?

Can anyone suggest another answer?

Could you justify the answer?

Could you explain your reasoning?

Why do you think his thinking is wrong?

How could you prove that it’s false?

Can you give a counterexample of this assertion?

Can you find a definition of…

What can you infer from this activity?

In which conditions is this law true?

In which conditions is this property true?

Could you recap the method?

[/'ri:kæp/ abréviation de recapitulate (vb) et de recapitulation (nm)]

Could you sum up the method?


Not quite right.

Right so far, but you need to give a bit more information.

Very good answer!

Can you write the answer on the board?

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