Mathématiques en anglais pour les sections européennes de lycée


Quelques expressions utilisant des phrasal verbs. Pour certaines, je fournis quelques commentaires. Et d’autres que je ne savais pas où placer.

Hand it out. or Distribute it.

A handout: le document que l’on distribue aux élèves.

Read it out. or Read it aloud.

Give it back.

Write it down.

Cross it out.

Fold it up.

Fold it in half.

Pass it on.

Mix them up.

Take/Pick one out.

Open it out.

Screw it up.

Throw it away.

Turn it over.

Plug it in.

Unplug it.

Turn the volume up.

Turn it down.

Hang it up. En parlant d’un vêtement, p. ex.

Take it off. Décroche le.

Tidy/Clear it up.

Put it away.

Get your book out.

Speak up!

Look it up in the dictionary.

Gather round.

Rub the blackboard out.

Sit down!

Write it up! (for homework)

Stand up!

Sit back down.

Close your books and look at the board.

Stand up and gather round me.

Stand up and find a partner from a different table.

Get into groups of three.

Right, can you go back to your seats please?

Divide your paper into three columns.

Tick it if it’s correct, and cross it if it’s wrong.

Draw a line through anything that’s incorrect.

You have five minutes left for this activity.

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